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In the Ads Manager dashboard, Facebook’s columns default to the “Performance” view, which outlines campaign details like spend, budget, results etc however it doesn’t include some other key performance metrics that could be crucial for your business.

In the Columns drop-down menu, Facebook offers a number of preset columns settings in addition to the default, so advertisers can quickly monitor different performance metrics at-a-glance.

However, these dashboard arrangements are not always ideal for you and your business. Depending on your campaign goals, applying a default column view probably means that you’re limiting the visibility of the performance metrics that really matter to your campaigns, possibly losing out on valuable optimization opportunities.

This is where you need to customize your columns so you can get the whole view of what’s really going on.

By selecting Customize Columns, you’re able to include any and all reporting metrics available in Ads Manager, furthermore, you can create your own custom metrics to see the data at the most granular level.

Depending on the goals of your campaign and advertising efforts, you can choose exactly what metrics to see and in what order ~ For most E-Commerce brands you would want to follow a structure somewhat similar to this:

  • Campaign Name
  • Ad Set Name
  • Ad Name
  • Delivery
  • Attribution Setting
  • Budget
  • Amount Spent
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • CPM
  • Link Clicks
  • Cost Per Link Click
  • Link Click-Through Rate
  • Landing Page Views
  • Cost Per Landing Page Views
  • Content Views
  • Cost Per Content Views
  • Adds To Cart
  • Cost Per Add To Cart
  • Checkouts Initiated
  • Cost Per Checkout Initiated
  • Adds Of Payment Info
  • Cost Per Adds Of Payment Info
  • Purchases
  • Cost Per Purchase
  • Purchase ROAS
  • Purchase Conversion Value

Some custom metrics which you may want to include would be:

  • Link Clicks To LPV
  • LPV To ATC
  • ATC To IC
  • IC To Purchase
  • CVR (Conversion Rate)
  • AOV

Any metrics you choose to add to your Custom Columns selection can be saved for later use in Ads Manager by selecting Save as Preset.

Additionally, you can compare attribution windows such as 7-day click or 1-day view, 1-day click etc – Adjusting your attribution window will not only help you make more accurate adjustments to your campaigns but also develop a broader understanding of performance.

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