How to create content which aligns with your ad platform(s)

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One of the most important and powerful tools you have when it comes to paid advertising is your content.

You need your content to align with the platform(s) you are advertising on by providing its users with a positive experience with your ads.

You’re essentially paying for your content to reach more and more people and if you disrespect your ad platform(s) by promoting content which provides a negative experience for the end-user, that is when you start seeing crazy high CPMs and other increased ad costs.

Let’s use Facebook as an example – Facebook, at its core, is a market research and intent creation device. You have to understand its place in your overall ecosystem.

Facebook is also an oCPM platform and to really take advantage of that, you need to do two things:

  1. Create content which generates demand and create intent.
  2. Curate customer journeys which are profitable.

Ultimately Facebook‘s (Our business partner in this instance) goal is to keep the user on the platform and provide them with a positive experience.

By creating content which doesn’t align with Facebook’s goals, we are almost guaranteeing a higher CPM and other increased ad costs.

Every time you release content on these oCPM platforms they measure certain metrics, which can be used to deem the quality of the content, metrics such as Bounce Rate, Click-through Rate, Engagement Rate etc and based on how users respond to the content, this gives the platform(s) insights on your brand and they can use these insights to decide further who else would resonate with the content.

And the likelihood is that these platforms know exactly which type of user is likely to resonate with one piece of content over another piece of content based on the many data points they have on their users so by having engaging content that your ideal audience will resonate with, then the ad itself will know exactly who to reach and the goal is to master this (Creative Testing) at scale whilst utilising broad targeting.

And if your CPA (Cost per acquisition) is above your benchmark, then that ad creative isn’t hitting psychologically well and likely doesn’t align with your ad platform(s) goals.

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