How Important It Is Having Good SEO for Direct to Consumer (DTC) eCommerce Businesses!

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Do you know that 95% of the total search traffic goes straight to the first page of search results for resolving their search queries? No wonder the annual expenditure of digital marketing companies for better search engine optimization is over $79 billion. These incredible figures also speak volumes about the fact that DTC eCommerce SEO is a vital part of digital marketing strategies. 

A professionally strategized direct-to-consumer eCommerce SEO plan has the power to not only produce significant revenue but also grow your business exponentially. Especially if you run a D2C brand, you will agree that a significant chunk (of over 40%) of the overall revenue comes from organic search traffic. So, we are here to reveal some insight into the immense importance of having a good DTC eCommerce SEO for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to large.      

So, let’s begin the discussion, shall we?

What Is DTC eCommerce SEO in Simple Words?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) alludes to the process of optimizing your website content for better organic visibility and higher rankings on your targeted search engine results page (SERP). Whereas from the marketing perspective, search engine optimization can be taken as a channel to grab customer attention for increasing organic traffic to the website. 

When the global pandemic hit in 2020, we saw a gigantic shift in the way consumers transacted and purchased products. The digital marketplace has suddenly become even more crowded, and you should be visible as the competition grows. Many companies have had to embrace a direct-to-consumer strategy, less dependent on the distributor or wholesaler. To do it right, you need to be visible to search engines, and a great deal of what you find in search engines depends on SEO.

Why Is DTC eCommerce SEO Important for Businesses?

As a DTC brand, you need to make sure that your potential buyers can easily find your products and solutions in front of them. And the only way to organically do that is by ranking high on the (SERPs), where a lot of ready-to-buy clients are searching for your specifically offered solutions.  

That’s when a perfect DTC eCommerce SEO strategy comes into play, which instantly connects your brand with your targeted customers. If done correctly, these happily engaged customers can turn into repeated buyers, meaning a stable and handsome revenue generation for your business.

Another perk of a carefully planned direct-to-consumer eCommerce SEO is that the 1st organic search result stays 10x more likely to earn a click than the 10th one. Thus, investing in DTC eCommerce SEO is wise rather than wasting excessive money on paid searches. For the record, 14% of small businesses in the US choose to spend $5000 on search engine optimization yearly. 

SEO enables DTC eCommerce businesses to understand competitors’ tactics. With a reasonable perspective on leads, numbers, and analytics using tools and algorithms, a direct-to-consumer brand can adapt to an alternate and better way to deal with the competitive landscape. Ultimately, this provides them with the advantage of having the edge over their competitors.

With solid DTC eCommerce SEO, your brand gets actionable insights into authentic customer interaction. This gives you a chance to understand your customer’s behavioural psychology better. Henceforth, with an analyzed data-driven and customer-centric approach, your business is assured of leading more targeted customers into a loyal customer fan base.

Final Thoughts

Excitingly, 51% of the total website traffic is driven by organic search results. Now you can imagine the endless opportunities that a great DTC eCommerce SEO plan can bring your way. It can completely turn the tables around if you could attract this massive organic traffic to your eCommerce site! Besides, a proper DTC eCommerce SEO is a professionally recommended digital marketing method, which is also relatively cost-effective for your business in the longer run.

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