Facebook Ads – 8 Point Checklist

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Running Facebook ads for your business can introduce your brand to people in a way you could never reach them before.

To make sure you maximise the success of your advertising efforts, it’s important to make sure everything is properly set up prior to launching.

So many businesses have issues with the business manager, ad account, domain etc to the point where different issues start occurring and it can ultimately set you up for failure before you begin.

Step 1: Setting up the business manager – 

From your personal Facebook account, go to business.facebook.com and in the top right corner of the screen, and create the business manager whilst filling in the initial details correctly and you will be taken to the business manager platform.

Step 2: Setting up your billing details –

Go to the triple-dot symbol on the left-hand side of the screen and head over to billing to put in your billing information.

P.s. if you are eligible for an AMEX card, this can be great for managing ad spend and you can also earn points from your ad spend 🙂

Step 3: Creating your pixel – 

Go to business settings and scroll down to data sources and click pixels, if you haven’t created your pixel yet there will be a blue button that says ‘Create Pixel’, follow the instructions on the screen to add the pixel to your site.

Step 4: Verify your domain in your business manager –

Go to business settings and scroll down to domains and add your domain, once you have added it, it will prompt you to verify your domain, there are several different ways of doing this, for example, you can go to your DNS settings in your domain registrar and add a TXT file or you can go to your online store in Shopify and add the metadata in your theme.liquid.

Step 5: Set up Aggregated Events Measurement – 

To do this head over to events manager and then click ‘Aggregated Event Measurement’ and then click manage events and then on your domain and again click manage events then add your events in order of the importance of hierarchy so for example for a D2C e-commerce brand it would go something along the lines of this:

  1. Purchase (Value Optimisation Switched On)
  2. Add Payment Info
  3. Initiate Checkout
  4. Add To Cart
  5. View Content

Step 6: Create your ad account – 

To do this head over to business settings and scroll over to ad accounts and create your add accounts with the correct currency and timezone for your business.

Also, make sure in this section you add whatever people you want to have access to the ad account here, otherwise, they may not be able to see the ad account in their ads manager

Step 7: Making sure it’s all set up correctly in the backend  –

Connect your pixel to the add account & connect your domain to your page.

Step 8: Tracking & Analytics  –

To mitigate the loss of data we see on the ads manager dashboard, there are a few extra steps we can take to ensure we have the maximum amount of data available at hand which we can use to make our decisions moving forward:

  1. UTM Parameters – Use UTM parameters and cross-reference the data in Google Analytics.
  2. Offline Conversions  – Capture sales data outside the attribution windows and misreported data in Facebook ads from the Shopify store.

    Basically, it re-matches sales data that’s not accounted for on Facebook.
  3. Third-Party Software – Using reliable third-party tracking software can also help with the loss of data.

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